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It's festival time

Adam Cawrse - Tuesday, June 14, 2011


We were just looking over the calendar and work schedule and realized, woo-hoo!!  It’s festival time!  Next week-end, things really start rolling as we’ll be at Huron’s “Taste of Wine & Roses” and Findlay’s “Riverside Wine Festival”, simultaneously, we’ll be pouring all week-end at Lorain’s “International Festival”.

The season started at “Wolf Creek Grist Mill” in Loudonville last week-end and will culminate with our first ever appearance at “Vintage Ohio” in August.

We are so fortunate to have friends and relatives who are willing to help us during this busy season.  We absolutely could not do it without them.  They are willing to use their free/vacation time to stand and stand and stand and stand (festivals involve a lot of standing) and be friendly ambassadors of our winery.  They never mind all the preparations required just to get to the festival, the unpredictable weather, running for ice, the set up, the clean up, etc.  Of course, there are some perks: wine, food, music, and bunches of great people.

We'd love to see you there!

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